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    Hi. I have recentyl restored my TLDM 28/32 fitted on a Ford Orion 1.6 ’90 using the kit from Weber, and after this, i’m having a problem with an unstable idle speed, and the worst is when the car warms up, because the idle won’t rev down, it surges to 2.5-3k rpm and sits there when not in gear. Sometimes, while parking, giving some throttle, it goes down and remains oscillating in the 1.5k rpm zone. Do you have any idea, please? Thank you. Also, i have to say that the choke isn’t working ok, because it doesn’t open when the car is warm. I don’t know if this have something to do with the problem. It is correctly installed on the carb, and i can twist the choke flap twisting the choke adjustment ring; also, all the hoses are correctly atached, it doesn’t seem to be any vacumm leaks, i checked spraying carb cleaner in order to find them, and the engine dies if i block the venturis at the top of the carb. I cleaned all the passages of the carb and used compressed air in the emulsion tubes, jets, idle passages and jet, everything. Also installed new spark-plugs (the have a dark colour at the electrode zone) and new spark leads. I dont know what else to do. Another curious thing, is that after the car is at working temperature, and the fan already started to turn, the choke doesnt open more than the initial little move provided by the choke pull-off, and if i manually release the throttle linkage and open the flap to the vertical position where it should be, the engine instantly dies. Sorry for the lenght explanation, and thank you.

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    Emmanuel Grigoriou

    Hi, This forum is deactivated.
    It is unlikely that you will get any help here.

    On a personal note, i think you’d need to take the car or carb, or both to a specialist classic car tuning shop/rolling road centre and let them have a look at the problem.

    All the best!

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