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    I have a 76 Mk1 Golf 1.6 LS. It has a Pierburg Zenith 2B DBP carb on a manifold maked 055 129 713 K – MGK 6. What Weber do I need to replace it?

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    Hi there Clayton,
    That’s not an easy one, as 1976 should be 1500 according to our list

    Can you please have a good look and give us all the numbers stamped on the carb and we’ll see what we can do

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    It’s a very early Series 1 from Sweden. It has lots of parts normally only found on the swallowtail. It’s a real cross over car. It is registered as a 1.6.
    I’ve had a look over the whole carb. There is number 1 inside the intake and the manufacturers details along with the model on the side. DEUTSCHE VERGASER
    GmbH & CO KG

    I hope this is helpful. Any help is very much appreciated. If I knew i could get it running well afterwards.

    Thank you.

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    Remove the carburettor (if required) and measure the centre-to-centre distance between the manifold mounting stud holes.

    It might be something like 93x46mm or 78x46mm etc..

    These dimensions above are for popular WEBER carburettors.

    To be honest with you, i do not know much at all about your carburettor.

    If you establish the manifold mounting stud dimensions, we can look and see if a weber will fit in it’s place.

    We do have a few adaptor plate converters, but without knowing your measurements i cannot recommend one yet..



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