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    Ryan Slade

    Howzit Hi

    I bought a Malpasi turbo fuel pump regulator

    My car has no turbo its running 45 sidedraghts

    the guy who sold me the regulator said I can use it on a na motor

    its got four ports two in or out one return and one for boost

    ive blocked one of the carb lines as I only have one line

    the boost line is open and the return line I have resurculating as my tank does not have a return line

    the problem im having is it seems only one of my carbs are getting fuel my fuel pump is fine and its giving correct pressure but the regulator seems to not be giving me sufficient fuel even when I turn up the regulator

    my thoughts is this is the wrong regulator for my car but all the tuners are telling me differently

    please help



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    Hello Ryan,

    Yes it can be used, but it may only regulate the pressure down to 10psi, depending in which one you have.
    How have you got the carbs linked, 1 feeds the other, or inline T ?

    Does your recirculating connection have a restriction, if not that may be the problem.
    What sort of pump, if its electric you could disconnect pipes from both carbs and allow flow into a container to make sure both carbs are getting fuel.

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