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    Jonas /Sweden

    Hi Emmanuel !

    Jonas from Sweden here, with the BMW 2002 Group 2 car.

    Would like to have a filter between the tank and my two Face Red Top pumps, for safety.
    Know that there are 74micron filters in the pumps. But still want some filter before the pumps.

    What filter would you recommend to install before the pumps. Will only use AN fittings.

    How many micron on the filter ?
    Can I use EFI filters. Some say it works because they have such a large filter surface, and therefore flow well with 20-30 mircon, as it usually is on these filters.But I don’t know anyone who uses it.

    Or will there be problems for the pumps with EFI filters ?

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    We don’t really advise using filters before the pumps (except the special pre-filters on the WFP502 pump)
    As if they get blocked, then they starve the pump, so I think I would decline to recommend in this case.. Sorry!


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